The Homer Series: GREEK LIT Journal Entry 6

“Grief is the price we pay for love.”

— Queen Elizabeth II

Greek Literature was probably the only course that wasn’t stressing me at this point-until Dr.S told mentioned the word ‘exam’, such a terrifying term. We continued with our usual invigorating discussions as we browsed through the Lamentations of Briseis, as Agamemnon returned her to Achilles and she came upon the news of her dear Patroclus’ death. We tried to link her pain to that of Andromache’s and compared their experiences with loved ones and the idea of losing them. We were introduced to the Greek term ‘meilichios’ which meant king and gentle to the extent of being very good at soothing people or in Dr. S’ words, their ‘there-there’ person-PS. I have two, my mom and my Aunt Kay. In addition, we discussed our idea of ane apology and how we felt reading the apology of Agamemnon. We got to see clips of American politicians and their forms of apologies and realized that these forms are truly seen in the real world. This week was quite good for me for the most part, I was good in my studies and I was so excited about seeing what the end of this amazing piece of literature had in store for us. All study sessions were accounted for and I even speed read so I could start the Netflix TV-series ‘Troy; A Fallen City’, which was quite interesting I must add and my aunt was hooked to wait on me to continue. I must say it really indulged us in the sexual tensions between Helen and Alexandros, the complications and even the plan for him to marry their daughter ! That was definitely new for me.

Homer’s The Iliad
The shield’s design as interpreted by Angelo Monticelli, from Le Costume Ancien ou Moderne, ca. 1820.



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